I’ll be GM’ing online using Fantasy Grounds II. I have the Ultimate license, which means all you need to do is go to http://www.fantasygrounds.com and use the web installer to obtain the free demo lite version. You won’t have to pay any fee for the use of the software if you’re playing in my campaign; I’ve already paid.

We’ll be using either Steam or Skype for chatting; the players must vote in the forums.

Here’s a hard-and-fast description of what I’m doing with this game:

MEDIEVAL SPLINTER CELLS meets Glen Cook’s THE BLACK COMPANY. Very rogue-and-ranger-friendly.

Finally, since I’ve acquired the ‘Ascended’ membership here, you and I have access to all the features on Obsidian Portal. That means, in particular, THIS:

PLEASE GO TO THE FORUMS RIGHT AWAY AND POST YOUR AVAILABILITY!!! Then, this information gets utilized on the CALENDAR function and everything gets simpler.

I’m in southern New Jersey, eastern USA, which means Eastern Standard Time. We’re running at 2pm on Saturday evenings.

If you’re in a different time zone but can make the game, FG2 makes it all possible.

As they say in this business, let’s get medieval!

Black Towers: Covert Mage Suppression

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