Geography, Economics and Trade in Lakorus

Lakorus is one of the more prosperous cities in the Empire, which is typical of provincial capitols. However, if it weren’t for the lucrative military industry there, the city would likely be quite poor as it is the only major city in the entire province, which is fairly large, and it is nowhere near a coastline or river.

The province’s size is intended as a buffer zone against the Dark Kingdoms of Southron. A couple of minor counties now comprising the northern end of the province were depopulated by relocation-by-Imperial-decree, and an almost wholly militarized ‘fortress province’ resulted.

The province does reach both coastlines, therefore providing coastal fortresses and ports for the East and West fleets of the Armed Forces, but the province has become massive. Thus, the only support for Lakorus is two nearby fortresses which stand slightly closer to the border with Southron. One houses Imperial Army troops and the other Imperial Marines. Both are ever-vigilant.

That being said, Lakorus does have a variety of industries doing brisk trade with the rest of the Empire. An earlier Emperor created an economic system that would support the city despite its poor geography: he called it a ‘military materiel triad’.

Geography, Economics and Trade in Lakorus

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