• Omgar


    A Half-Orc who has made his way through society by proving his worth every moment of his life- with battle.
  • Quinn Windraven

    Quinn Windraven

    Human cleric
  • Yurong Sazai

    Yurong Sazai

    A wanderer from the eastern continent come to the shores of the Empire on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Fuichu


    Elven sorcer known for working with mercenaries under the Imperial aegis.
  • Kura Halon

    Kura Halon

    Female human cleric of Vead
  • Nora Silkenglove

    Nora Silkenglove

    Gnomish female rogue, highly confident in her black leather armor.
  • Sareth Ingol

    Sareth Ingol

    Official representative of Lakorus Militocracy to public; retired general of Imperial Marines. Legendary.
  • Shiv Longdrop

    Shiv Longdrop

    An up-and-coming agent of the Guild of Shadows, Shiv is building a reputation as an infiltrator and devisor.
  • Tul the Panther

    Tul the Panther

    Legendary Ranger in the service of the Empire. Half-Elven forester with real fighting skill. Travelled.